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The Editorial Board of Ramjas Economic Review is no longer accepting research papers and articles for its annual publication. 

General Guidelines

General Guidelines

The following guidelines are to be strictly followed:

  1. Format: The submission should be in the form of both pdf and word document file. The font size and style to be followed is 16 point for heading, 14 point for subheadings, 12 point for text and 10 for footnotes and Times New Roman respectively. Line spacing should be 1.5 for the text and 1 for the footnotes and endnotes. The name of the file should be in the format “FirstNameLastName- PaperTitle.” 

  2. All figures and tables should be embedded within the text. They should be labelled properly along with the source. Equations should be numbered.

  3. The cover page should include the name of the author, name of institution, title, course, year of study, contact number and email-id.

  4. The email should have the subject “Submission 2024” and the contact numbers of all authors. Additionally, mention whether you would like to present your paper at the Annual Winter Conference’s Paper Presentation Competition hosted by the Department of Economics, Ramjas College or not.

  5. Citation: For the purpose of citations follow Chicago style referencing. References provided in any other formats are not entertained.

  6. Plagiarism and AI: Plagiarism and usage of  generative AI of any kind is strictly prohibited and will lead to rejection of the entry.

  7. Copyright: Authors whose paper gets selected will be required to fill a copyright form to be sent separately to them.

  8. Only original and unpublished entries from undergraduate students will be considered for publication.

  9. Papers that have 1-3 authors will be accepted and considered. However, the maximum number of co-authors for a submission should not exceed 3.

Guidelines For Research Papers

Guidelines For Research Papers

  1. Word Limit: The maximum word count is up to 5000 words.

  2. Abstract: Submissions under this category must include an abstract of 100 words, comprising of a brief description of the hypothesis, structure of the paper, research methodology and tools.

  3. Introduction: A general overview of the research topic, its background and the question of the need for research in this field, are to be addressed in this section.

  4. Literature Review: Aspects such as the evolution of theory/thought/responses to a topic and personal reaction or thoughts on the same are to be covered in this section. Additionally, critical analysis of selected documents of existing literature on the research topic, with relevant references wherever applicable are to be included.

  5. Methodology: Research methodology, techniques used, sampling methods, data sources and related aspects are to be included here.

  6. Conclusion: This section should include the conclusion drawn from the research, together with relevant charts and tables. Topics such as limitations and scope for further research in the area too should find a mention here.

  7. References: A list of all works cited in the paper. Chicago style referencing format is to be followed.

Guidelines For Articles

Guidelines For Articles

Refer to the general guidelines mentioned above and strictly adhere to the word limit of 2000 words.

The deadline for submissions is over

In case of any queries, please send an email to

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