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The Department of Economics, Ramjas College, University of Delhi hosted the 21st Annual Winter Conference on 13th February 2023. This event consisted of a Paper Presentation Competition and a Panel Discussion on the topic "Economics of Climate Change". 

This year, the discussion was be based on the theme "Economics Of Climate Change"
Our panelist this year was  Prof. Purnamita Dasgupta (Institute of Economic Growth)
The discussion started off  by her asking the audience about the economic impacts of climate change according to them. Referring to the heat wave in Delhi last year, she discussed how it can impact labor pro
ductivity, crop yields and income. She also discussed the potential for climate change to exacerbate existing inequalities, such as the disproportionate impact on low-income communities. Climate change has both real sector and monetary sector impacts. 
Global distribution of population  has been exposed to hyperthermia due to extreme heat. Thus it becomes important to specify energy as a separate sector for classification since it's the primary emitter of greenhouse gasses.

The discussion then moved on to the economics of mitigation and adaptation. The panelists discussed the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through measures such as carbon pricing and renewable energy incentives. Higher investment in green tech and research and development is imperative.  Investment in reforestation, creating carbon sinks and cost benefit analysis. She gave thoughtful responses to each question, drawing on their expertise and experience.
In the end  Prof. Purnamita Dasgupta left the audience with a question to ponder upon “What can we do to contribute towards climate change” In regards of the competition 
The presentations were evaluated by faculty members of the Economics department, who provided valuable insights and asked a series of questions to better understand each presentation. We can indisputably say that competitors impressed the jury. Despite the intense competition, the best paper award was won by Ishaan Sengupta of St. Xavier’s College, on the topic Dynamic Stability Problems in Climate Transitions, and second position was backed by Dev Ishaan Agarwal of SRCC, on the topic A CONSTRUCTIVIST MODELLING OF FASHION IDEOLOGISTS AS INVISIBLE DICTATORS THROUGH A TWO TIERED COLLECTIVE CHOICE ANALYSIS.

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