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A Lecture on National Education Policy 2020

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The editorial board of Ramjas Economic Review, in collaboration with The Ramjas Economics Society organised a lecture on the National Education Policy 2020 on 20th August 2020 to commemorate the International Standard Serial Number(ISSN) certification of the journal.


The lecture was delivered by Dr Saumen Chattopadhyay. A professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Dr Chattopadhyay teaches Economics of Education and Education Policy at the Zakir Husain Centre for Educational Studies, School of Social Sciences. He has authored several articles and books on the same.

Dr Chattopadhyay began the lecture by placing the Indian higher education system in the context of emerging challenges and opportunities as identified by the NEP. He presented sound economic analysis regarding the problems of inefficiency, privatisation, regulation and quality education as well as governance challenges in the higher education system.

After this, he also analysed the major policy recommendations made by the NEP such as multi-disciplinary education, increase in public funding, re-categorisation of institutions, vocational education and regulatory interventions. He then posed a set of pertinent questions about autonomy, spaces and inclusiveness in educational institutions. Dr Chattopadhyay also answered the questions raised by students.


Subsequently, a copy of the journal was uploaded in commemoration and Dr Chattopadhyay shared his insights on conducting research. Fizza Suhel, the Editor-in-Chief of Ramjas Economic Review, concluded by delivering the commemoration speech and the vote of thanks.

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