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Economics in a Full World: Introducing Ecological Economics


The Ramjas Economics Society in collaboration with the editorial board of Ramjas Economic Review organised a seminar on the topic "Economics in a Full World: Introducing Ecological Economics" on 17th September 2019. The speaker for this lecture was Dr. Asmita Kabra, Professor and Dean at School of Human Ecology, Ambedkar University, Delhi 


Dr. Kabra began the discussion by breaking the myths in the minds of people that environmental economics and ecological economics are the same. She highlighted some contradictions to the basic theories of environmental economics which form the base for studying ecological economics. This proved to be an eye-opener for students which was one of the primary goals of the lecture.


Post this, Dr. Kabra introduced the students to some key theories deployed by environmental economists to address pressing concerns of sustainability. She demonstrated the application of these ideas in the domain of forest conservation through global policies like carbon trading and REDD+. She then illustrated the limitations of the environmental economics framework in a "full world" and highlighted the core ideas underpinning the interdisciplinary approach of ecological economics.


After that, Dr. Kabra addressed the queries of students and the seminar ended with a vote of thanks by Fizza Suhel, Editor-in-Chief, Ramjas Economic Review.

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